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The Road to Ruin 2010: Broken Record Gøøblets

Bad Botox? -- Jim Gibbons Buoyed by the news that Barbara Buckley won't be running agin 'im, the Gøøb continued his desperate and doomed campaign to be re-Gøøbed in 2010, as illustrated by some Gøøblets:

  • Governor tries to blame the continuing collapse of the doomed, overly-mortgaged boom-town, single-industry Nevada economy on the Legislature. The Gøøber carefully leaves out the fact that (1) he himself included a tax-increase in his very own "balanced" budget he sent to the legislature, and (2) that all Nevada budgets have to be "balanced" by law, even though in the "hard-hitting" KVBC interview he makes it sound like the final 2009 budget wasn't. Biggest lie in the interview, tho, was the one about hoping he won't have to call a special session. The desperate Gøøb needs the Legos for a punching bag to rally his crazy, teabaggin' base, so the 'Monger's predicting a 100% chance of a session this winter. (KVBC) Kudo's, however, to the KVBC web editor who used the Gibber's most frightening grimace as the still photo on the web viewer, reproduced above for your, um, edification. Looks like a patient after a bad Botox treatment, don't he? I'd hate to be on the other end of the phone when Dan Burns calls up the station about it, tho.
  • Speaking of Botox, isn't that Gøøb appointee to the Medical Examiners board, Benjamin Rodriguez, looking absolutely fabulous after those illegal Botox treatments? (Pate2Pate,Flash) Say, that "do as I say, not as I do" Gibbons' philosophy sure is contagious, ain't it? Kinda like botulism in a cow's gut.
  • Hmm. Apparently the Gøøbner thinks it's cheaper and more efficient to shut down one state agency and then create a state board to replace it. (RN&R)
  • All that homophobia over five couples? (NevAppeal) Prejudice just can be so wasteful, can't it?
  • Legislature pretty courteous group, until you put a desperate, cornered, wounded guv in the room with them. (RJ)
  • From the same article, we learn that gøøb staffer Dan Burns needs a brush up on Con Law. He said: "The First Amendment gives people the right to say anything." Except "fire" in a crowded theater, or "I'm not gonna f@*k you; I'm gonna rape you," to your assault victim. Nope, the first amendment might not give you an unconditinal right to say whatever creeps into your head, but you can get away with the bad stuff with a little help from your friends in high places.
  • Rikki Cheese: "Remember how we got Jim Gibbons?" Steve Sibelius: "Gypsy curse?" (KNPR: 20:10) Sibelius: "When you corner someone in a parking garage, and you shove that person against the wall of a parking garage, and tell them things are one way or the other choice: that's a threat. If Harry Reid does that to Sherm Fredericks, then I'll write that that's a threat." (21:00)
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