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Senator John Ensign Viciously Attacks Gibbons’ Administration Over Czar Profligacy

Where has my credibility gone?!?
Yep, it's Adulterer versus Wannabe-Rodeo-Sexter-Adulterer, Groper v. Groper, as John Ensign attacks the administration of Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons for having too many czars.

One wonders what other possible interpretation could be put to Senator Schtup's remarks, such as:

"We are now facing a situation where there is almost a shadow Cabinet that is being developed. It is thwarting the position of the United States Congress and these czars are in different positions." (RJ)


“I believe that more
information should be disclosed about top-level advisors within the
Administration,” Ensign said.  “The American people have the right to
know more about czars.  We need to know their roles, responsibilities,
and have a good understanding of their background.” (SenSchtup)

It's well known that gubernor Jim Gibbons' administration is heavy with czars. There's the energy czar–whose nationality escaped the governor for a year or two, the (fired) Homeland Security czar, the forgotten SAGE commission efficiency czar, and the drudge, wannabe-stimulus czar, who can't seem to spend any stimulus money cuz he's always busy writing letters to the state controller's office for not respecting his, as the Senator might say, "shadow Cabinet" status.

I think we can all actually agree with the spirit of Senator Soiled-Suit's sentiment: we should know more about all these Gibbons' czars. But, to try to salvage what's left of his political career by attacking a goner, lame-duck has-been like Gibbons, seems even a bit low for an employee sex-abuser like Mr. Ensign.

Mr. Ensign, have you no shame? Or pants?

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