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Republicans Can’t Get No Respect

Especially from other Republicans.

Party Unity. Brian Sandoval, John Ensign, Jim Gibbons

So, let's see if we can figure out what happened: John Ensign, on his Please Help Me Find My Pants And My Dignity Again tour, said something about how he created John Sandoval ex nihilo from matter devoid of any political form and how Sandoval would make a nifty Gube, far niftier than anything currently haunting the manse, anyways.

Sandoval, who doesn't want any of Ensign's philandering cooties to rub off on him, said something to the effect that Ensign should please not stand so close to him. Gubewannabe Mike "Pigeon Man" Montandon got all upset because Ensign, like everybody else, was ignoring birdman's campaign. All the while, everyone remained unsurprised that Ensign, like everyone else, has simply given up on the current Gube's chances for re-election. (Sun)

Meanwhile, Gibbons remains wildly popular with the 17% percent of Nevadans who still miss Calvin Coolidge. Ensign putts in close behind. (Kos)

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