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Life After Jim Gibbons: Tierney Cahill hits the Media Circuit

Wouldn't Larry David be perfect for the part of Jim Gibbons in "Class Act"?

If North Platte, Nebraska, counts as the "media circuit," that is.

Turncoat Tierney Cahill was the teacher who challenged then US Congressional backbencher Jim Gibbons for his House seat back in two thousand ought zero. She ran as a Democrat that year and was summarily ignored by the state party which was particularly moribund back in those days, if greater moribundity than what currently passes for party life can be imagined under the current regime of cronyism and incumbency worship.

She then flipped to the Republican party in an attempt to pick up the Assembly seat vacated by Dawn Gibbons because the "Enraged Ferret" voted for the infamous 2003 tax increase. Some weirdie by the name of Gansert beat Cahill soundly using tried-and-true GOP extremist goofiness and took the seat.

I don't know: Leslie Neilson would be a great Jim Gibbons, too!

Anyways, Cahill is apparently in North Platte pushing her new book "Ms. Cahill for Congress." There are excerpts over on Google Books, where you'll find a chapter about Dawn Gibbons scrubbing school bathroom floors because the august legislative body to which she formerly belonged thinks filth-covered floors in public schools build character–and a market for private "charter" schools.

Ooof. Looks like the book's already remaindered. You can get a new copy for $1.99. Well, who the heck wants to read about Jim Gibbons, anyway?

The movie of the 2000 run against Gibbons called "Class Act," and presumably starring Halle Berry, seems to be in movie limbo. You guys who pay for imbpro can tell us what's really going on, if you don't mind folk falling asleep in the middle of your report. Sounds like a job for Norm!, don't it?

Frankly, I hope they don't wait too long to make the movie. Leslie Nielson's getting a little old for the Gibbons' part, these days, and I don't think they will be able to afford Larry David.

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