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Hope Springs Eternal Labor Day Gublets

  • After learning about Jimbo's seven-year itch to dump her, Dawn just wasn't Dawn for a while, we learn. (NevApp)
  • Gibbons comes in 20-1 in the general. (Sun) As for the primary, you just gotta have faith in the frothy-mouth looniness that the State Republican party continues to embrace. Gibbons'll take it if Sandoval doesn't hurry up and start full-court press teabaggin', like Heck, Montandon, and, the king of baggers: Gibbers.
  • About every six months, Chuck Muth tentatively sounds the resurrection trumpet for Gibbons, only to have his hopes brutally crushed by the next gaffe. (DesCon) Weep for him. (VGO,VGO)

Doubting Sheila.

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