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Hitting the Ground, Crawling: Stimulus Czar Stumbles

So, how’s that new Stimulus Czar doing? You know, the one the Guv nearly tore down state government in order to keep under his thumb?

Well, let’s have a peek at an interview the new czar had with some local teevee folk:

Hetty Chang: How much of that [stimulus] money is physically here in the state?

[Czar Charles] Harvey: Well, I’m not sure of those details. Again, this is my only second day
on the job. I’m working to get my arms around the entire project and I will be able to report that information clearly to everyone that wants to know. (KVBC)

Errr, it’s only his second day? Did he borrow that excuse from the Gov’s PR staff?

He must be a fan of that show The Office. I mean, the Brit version. You know, the good one.

Now, in most cases I’d let that “second day” excuse slide. Sure, takes a while to get used to a new position. Gotta ease in. Take a look around.

Except, this guy’s making six figures. He’s supposed to be in charge. The state is in, according to the Gov’s office, a state of emergency. He’s the freaking stimulus CZAR, fercrissakes

But, he can’t be bothered to do his homework? Read a report or two before the first day?

Looks like it was a better idea to pull somebody out of the controller’s office where they pay attention to state finances. Especially since the Gube unceremoniously fired the last person in his office that was “in charge” of the stimulus–right in the midst of the Gube’s self-declared emergency. Nope, had to dump her probably because somebody from the crack re-election and Winnebago rental committee didn’t think she was helping whatever obtuse, slash-and-burn campaign strategy the Gibbons’ team has cooked up.

[UPDATE: Apparently the Gibbons' staff will be managing the Czar's time very closely: Gibbers handler Reedy got upset with controller Kim Wallin today for actually daring to speak to the Czar without permission--from Reedy. (Ralston) Reedy's letter is really snippy and petty. She's upset Wallin sent something to the Czar's home address. Now, remember, this is his first week in the office. Apparently the first week he has HAD an office and an official mailing address, thanks to the Gube's crack office staff. So, where the Hell is the controller supposed to send a missive to the Czar in the interim? Isn't this an emergency after all?]

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