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Here Come Yet Another Judge…

Yet again the Jim Gibbons as Larry David Legislature pic.Ever notice that putative Nevada governor Jim Gibbons can't do anything without getting a judge involved? Like, get divorced, grope unwilling gals in a garage, wear a napkin hat at a lovely cruise sponsored by a very generous defense contractor/guber enabler, keep an illegal in the basement, usurp Legislative powers, and, just now, monkey with state rules on who can stick needles in you.

Apparently the problem stems from the state's medical board being unable to follow Nevada's Open Meeting laws:

Gibbons said regulators' interpretation of the 1979 law conflicted
with widespread past practice [which allowed pretty much anybody to stick you with a needle despite the Med board knowing it was illegal] and could have put hundreds of medical
assistants out of work in Nevada at a time when concerns were high over
swine flu and the regular upcoming flu season.

But Las Vegas lawyer Jacob Hafter challenged the approval on behalf of Tracy Hurst and Amber Tsang, who operate medical spas.

said the vote violated the Open Meeting Law because it was taken before
all public comments were heard to accommodate some members who had to
leave for luncheon engagements.

He also argued the new
regulations are vague, arbitrary and will interfere with his clients'
ability to operate their businesses. (AP,Also Flash)

"Vague!" "Arbitrary!" Thy name is Gibbons!

Hey, just over three months 'till we get to see how much is left in the Gibbons legal defense slush fund! Yay!

Man, who could possibly support some wimp Republican gube candidate who doesn't even HAVE one of those!

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