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He Just Can’t Resist A Napkin Hat: Jim’s Insurance Cruise

Come for the access. Stay for the napkin hats! -- Jim Gibbons Ah, there it is! Right on time.

The weekly gaffe. Just when Gibbers apologists were warming up another resurrection-fest for the doomed Gube.

The governor's very own insurance division is having an "open access" day, granting insurance industry folk "open access" to the very people who are supposed to be regulating them.

“This is part of being a business-friendly environment,” a state drone assures us. “This
is right in line with the governor’s initiatives where we are
advertising ourselves as being business-friendly.” (Sun)

Ah, yes. A gubernatorial initiative. I thought everyone had learned that those are always a bad idea when the Gube is a Boob.

Surely the cruise, funded by insurance lobbyists and sundry state cronies, will provide napkin hats along with the booze, the hookers, and the schmoozing. It just wouldn't be a Gibbons' cruise without the hats.

Which makes me wonder, could this be the time for a napkin-hat rebellion? Everybody else is having a rebellion–teabaggers, birthers, etc. Why not those of us who are sick of the Gibbers?

It's too late for recall or an impeachment now that the election is just over a year away. So, let's vent our frustration by wearing napkin hats–to Gibbons' campaign events in particular but why not liven up those Heck, Montandon, Sandoval and Reid events as well with a tasteful napkin hat?

Surely the junior senator from Nevada is an honorary napkin-hat. Why not wear a napkin-hat to the next Resuscitate-Ensign event as well?

Here's your chance to be a nutty as a teabagger, but for a good cause. Be a Nevada Napkin Head!

Nevada Napkin Heads! Our Brain Hurts!
Say, wasn't Gibbons on some other cruise, sometime long ago?

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