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Dull as Toast

Brian Sandoval Toast Well, one doesn’t usually need toothpicks under the eyelids to get through a Pate 2 Pate, but when Dullard Sandoval McMilquetoast climbed aboard the Ralston express the other day, they would have been helpful.

He was, shall we say, dry as a judge. Yep, old Brian’s been out of the political rough and tumble for awhile, and it showed.

He is getting that Jim Gibbons’  “caught in the headlights” look down pretty good, tho.

Let’s face it, Sandoval’s toast. (Glean) Everybody else in the Repug primary is running to the extreme right, trying to out crazy Gibbons, and they all just don’t have what it takes. Sure, Joe Heck’s out signing the taxes-r-bad-m’kay pledge and Mike Montandon’s out gibberin’ that Sandoval’s a quitter and how Sandoval’s advisers are all lobbyists. (RJ) Uh, so who’s campaign staff isn’t full of lobbyists??

Who else but Jim Gibbons could provide such daily entertainment? Just look at this stuff:

  • Gibbons doin’ his famous tiger dance for Legislators.
  • State Senator showin’ his appreciation for the Guv’s input.
  • Legislators, including Repugs, tellin’ him no more cuttin‘, just shortly after Jimbo attempted to look more Gubey by actually holding a meetin’ or two with ‘em. Only three-fourths of the way through his term.
  • Half Two-fifths of the Nevada delegation wonderin’ what the heck Gibbons does all day, when he should be spending stimulus funds. (RJ,Sun) Surely the best part of that whole dustup, tho, is watching the crack Gube staff’s inability to crank up a spreadsheet and include county spending as part of state spending. Uh, the new stimulus czar can run a spreadsheet program, can’t he?
  • The medical community fumblin’ over who gets to stick the needle in ya, after Jimbo’s Botox appointee to the Medical Board throws the medical community into chaos. (RJ)
  • The Guv not havin’ a clue about what’s goin’ on in his state, maglev trainwise. (Sun,Stiffies,VT&S) Huh, you’d think the press would double check before runnin’ a story just based on what the Gube says. (Sun)

Man, those Gubewannabes just can’t handle it. Gibbons is clearly the right choice for the Republican Governor Nominee. And don’t fret: our Republican friends will wake up and embrace their inner Gibbons. It’s as inevitable as, well, butter on toast.

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