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Does Sandoval Have the Crazy After All?

Brian Sandoval just might have the crazy!News that GOP Gubewannabe Brian Sandoval was the target of questions concerning ethics violations by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics no doubt fueled the false hopes of the foolish in the Nevada Repug party that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Sandoval, or Toast as he’s called around the ‘Monger manse, has a chance of ousting Gibbons in the primary.

Sandoval is accused of doing polls and meeting with too many consultants while he was still on the federal bench. (RGJ)

The question this raises, however, is this: does this mean, if it is indeed true that Sandoval violated the strictures set by the Committee on Codes of Conduct, that Sandoval really does have the crazy to woo the teabaggin’ tenth of the Nevada electorate who make up the core of the Nevada Repugs?

My answer is, no, of course not. Sandoval’s up against the master of mishap, Jim Gibbons, and couldn’t possibly outdo three years of gaffes and failure with a few paltry, rather half-hearted ethics violations. Why next week, when the Guber ends up announcing, I’m guessing, that the feds cannot possibly be awarding the $45 million for the amazing flying train (it needs matching money that doesn’t exist), he’ll end up reminding us just how masterful his total lack of competence remains after all this time.

Nonetheless, to ensure a Gibbons’ victory in the upcoming Republican Guber Primary, I’m contemplating making the ultimate sacrifice–and I may ask you to follow along in another pointless ‘Monger gesture–like the time I asked to vote for Dina Titus or for Brendan Trainor or for David Bennett or for Travis Souza or for Tierney Cahill or for…OH WHY NOT JUST KEEP RUBBING IT IN!

Stay tuned! You will be shocked, shocked!

Or maybe just a bit nauseated.

Ooooo. Check out what typepad did to my David Bennett, posts. So pretty!

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