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Call Your Representative Today to Support The Upper Las Vegas Wash National Monument

From the Protectors of Tule Springs:

you, thank you to everyone who wrote or called our representatives
about National Monument status for the Upper Las Vegas Wash, (Tule

I know many of you felt that the
delegations call attendants had no idea what we were calling about, but
I assure you by the end of the day when I called at 4pm, they all told
me the phone had been ringing off the hook!!!! And that was before the
article in the LV Sun came out. So thanks to all who called!!!
If you didn't call, I am telling you
now that we have made an IMPACT beyond what I could ever imagine. Every
call is important so, if you haven't called please do so tomorrow!!!!
Reid 388-5020
Ensign 388-6605
Berkley 220-9823
Titus 387-4941
Tell them you can't imagine NOT
supporting a major tourist and scientific opportunity for Las Vegas
like a National Park designated site and you want them to   DO IT
Thanks as always

Jill DeStefano

More on the park in the Sun.

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