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Bail on Your Debt, Mortgage Slaves! It’s the Nevada Way!

Sheepish on Nor'Town?

Comrades! Exciting news from the front lines of the credit wars!

Station Casinos has joined the New Shay’s Rebellion! Just look at their amazing contribution to the movement:

Station Casinos stopped making payments on its $5.7 billion debt load. (RJ)

Brave lads!

Up in Nor’Town, the bankrupt Park Highlands development is trying to stiff D.R.Horton and banking giant Credit Suisse. (Sun)

Whoa! You’d think Credit Suisse could afford an army of those guys who bust kneecaps when you don’t pay.

So, why are you still paying the mortgage on that underwater house?

Come on! Bail like the Big Boys! It’s the Nevada Way!

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