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Yucca Yucca!!

Yucca Yucca! -- Jim Gibbons Doing the worst Fozzie Bear imitation ever, the Governor of Nevada decided to go after the Senate Majority Leader recently by attacking Reid Senior as soft on Yucca. How is Mr. Pushup soft on the Nuke dump, according to the Gibbermatic, you ask? Well, for not passing legislation outright that would kill the nuke dump. (Ralston)

Of course it's stupid– and not just because venues such as the LA TImes are reporting the recent Yucca budget cuts as tantamount to closure of the project thus rendering the Gube's rant completely moot. (LAT)

The majority of the House and Senate voted for Yucca Mountain back when because, hell, that means their respective states won't get stuck with the nasty stuff, and they'll hardly want to change those votes now, because otherwise their respective states might get stuck with the nasty stuff. (They are, however, amenable to killing it quietly–by cutting off funds with a hefty 85-9 margin in the Senate. Guess that way they can claim to be reducing the budget. Slightly. Back room Harry at his finest, I suppose.)

It does raise all sorts of fun questions, tho, like, well, if Jim Gibbons is such an effective leader, why wasn't HE able to kill the Yucca bill when he was in Congress?

The Gibbers' attack does afford an opportunity, one the AP takes some advantage of, to review the Gube's ample list of Yucca gaffes, to wit:

  • Gibbons sought to cut off the Nuclear Projects office in his last budget. The Nuclear Projects office is the one that fights Yucca. Gibbons' ham-handed handling of the the guy who was redistributing salaries in the office without clear legislative authority to do surely didn't help the office much either.
  • Gibbons supported a month-long extension keeping the water flowing at the site despite a chance to cut it off back in 2007.

But wait, sweet-tongued Brendan Riley replacement! Don't stop there!

  • Gibbons appointed a pro-Yucca Repug party hack to the Nye County Commission because he couldn't be bothered to vet her (VGO)
  • And, say, didn't the Governor support John McCain for president even when we all learned Mr. McCain pretty much loved the dump? (Sun) (Ooo. Check out the last few lines of that Ralston piece. Gibbons once had a 21% approval rating! Hard to believe given his current 14 or 11 or whatever it is now.)
  • McCain wasn't the first pro-Yucca prezwannabe the Gibber supported, either. George Bush signed the Yucca bill and, yes, that's the same Bush whom Mr. GIbbers so voraciously supported during the undermining of the American electoral process back in 2000–after Mr. Bush lied about being against the project to get elected.
  • Back in his backbenching days in the House, Gibbons didn't mind taking money from a pro-Yucca PAC. (VGO)
  • Gibbons once told Chris Matthews that Yucca Mountain is "good science" despite saying the opposite about a bazillion times. (VGO)

Ah. Isn't it always fun to review the Gube's tangled and perverse record on an issue? Works for just about any one you pick, too.

So, why pray tell, is the Gube making Yucca an issue when doing so is likely to invite such remembrances? Well, it's probably an attack on the former mayor of Nor'Town and Repug Gubewannabe Michael Montandon. Mr. Mike was up on northern Nevada TV mumbling some nonsense about Yucca being a good thing if somehow you could get the Feds to give you money for all the research and technology that came with it but somehow without forcing you to take the waste. (Nevada Newsmakers July 21 2009) That's a paraphrase. Mostly. The real thing was more incoherent than that.

Don't miss the bit where Mikey says the site, 90 some odd miles from his beloved North Las Vegas, is "remote".

Anyways, Gibbers can't make an attack on Montandon directly lest that give Mkey's campaign legitimacy and give Mikey press attention. By attacking Reid Senior, however, Gibbers can get out his anti-Yucca bona fides, such as they are, and bitch-slap the Mikester without mentioning Mikey's name. It also gave the Gøøber a chance to go after somebody who shares the last name of another Gubewannabe without mentioning the Gubewannabe directly. You'll probably be seeing that a lot in the next few months.

Course, the weak link in that theory is the bit about Gibbons' lending anything "legitimacy" by yapping about it–but remember there's a ski instructor in charge of the campaign. Coherence and rationality will be in short supply.

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