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Tiresome Tirades

Jim Gibbons' famous caught-in-the-headlights' stare Woah. If you blink, you miss those can't-be-persuaded-by-polls/written-in stone decisions by the invertebrate in chief.

Let's see, wasn't it just this last weekend that the Governor threatened to create a constitutional crisis by challenging the legality of the Legislature's Interim Finance Committee all because they know better than let the Gube get too involved in the decision-making process? (Sun) So, any court documents been filed on that yet? Hmmm?

But, wait, who needs the IFC when you can call in the the whole legislature in just 3 months or so after it went away? Well, no doubt that will cause all sorts of fireworks…um…hold on…

Oh, nevermind! Not needed, says the Gube. We can solve the state's funding problems inside the Dickensian gloom of the Carson City Guv office. And maybe with a little help…from the Interim Finance Committee! (Sun)

Say, is it the August heat that makes Gibbons' Fatigue feel like the swine flu, or is the Gube's madness catching??

Somebody buy the man a bottle of red wine and a hooker, for goodness' sake. Settle him down a bit.

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