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The Review Journal: Abandon All Journalistic Integrity, Ye Who Enter Here

Question: When is an AP story not an AP story?

Answer: When it appears in the Review Journal!

There was an AP notice the other day gurgling through the Internetal tubes to the affect that the arraignment of ex-eTreppid employee/consultant Dennis Montgomery vis. skipping out on gambling debts would be postponed awhile. (AP)

All well and good and hardly worth notice except for the obligatory rehash of Gibbons’ incestuous affair with the defense firm, which also at one time took the Gube on cruises perhaps in exchange for milking the then completely secretive defense and spook-funding “black budget” of the federal government.

The AP story quoted in places like the San Jose Mercury News ends up this way:

Montgomery alleged in 2006 that Gibbons, while serving as a congressman from Nevada, improperly received gifts and money from Montgomery’s former business partner, eTreppid Technologies owner Warren Trepp.

Gibbons was never charged with wrongdoing, and his lawyer said he was cleared last November following a federal investigation. (AP)

All well and good. It was Gib-lawyer Abbe Lowell who assured us that the FBI had dropped the case. No official word has yet to be heard from the bureau itself.

However, the hard-copy version of the same story in the Review Journal ended this way:

Gibbons Exonerated, Sherman E. Newman Contends

Woah! Fully cleared, you say?

Now, I figure that the RJ changed the last line, without even taking credit for it with a “story supplemented by” blurb, because they figure that print is dead and nobody will be reading the hard-copy version anyway. So, what the Hell? Why not just start rewriting wire stories any old way they want to?

Did you ever write a paper in college where you slipped in the line “I bet Dr. So-and-so isn’t even reading this” just to prove that Professor So-and-so doesn’t really read all those awful assignments? You know, the sort of thing that probably happens to Michael Green all the time? Why, I bet it’s just like that down at the RJ these days.

It couldn’t be an outrageous attempt to editorialize in a wire story and perhaps violate intellectual-property rights, so dear to the editors down of the kitty-litter liner of record, could it? ENo, no. Probably the first: A sophomoric attempt at humor by fellers sinking into their second childhood. Even though the RJ has done it before.

Isn’t that the charitable interpretation?

Elsewhere: The Gube picks a drudge for stimulus czar who would make a better fit in the half-price bureaucratic position over in the controller’s office that the Senate wanted to stick him in in the first place. (Sun)

And perhaps the most intriguing line of a Politics Daily post about how even male model Sandoval can’t save a state Republican party that can’t even pick up the phone:

Veteran ad man and image-maker Sig Rogich is a human symbol of the GOP doldrums. (PD)

Presumably because his party is so dead, the only thing he can find to do is write Willie Horton ads for the Democratic Senate Majority Leader. Still, Uncle Siggy, former anointer-in-chief, really made his own bed this time, Gøøber-wise, don’t you think? Note to self, Siggy, vet the candidate a little next time.

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1 comment to The Review Journal: Abandon All Journalistic Integrity, Ye Who Enter Here

  • Michael Green

    Hey, since you gave me the shout-out, I have to say, some of my students do indeed pull the kind of thing you talk about. But since Sherm and Mitch have never taken a class from me, it’s happened less often than some might think.
    Keep up the great work.