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The ‘Monger’s Got A Million of ‘Em

Okay, okay. Nobody can say that the 'Monger ain't entrepreneurial.

So, here's a couple of pitches.

The first is a sequel to a 2007 sequel to a show from the 70's…
The $3 Million Dollar Man! Jim Gibbons
Great concept, eh? Half price, this year only! Call me, Dick Wolf! We'll do lunch.

Well, failing that, maybe I can get a slot over at November, Inc. with a really cool Ensign spot, like this:

It's funny cuz HE'S NOT WEARING PANTS!  

Do you feel the love, Mr. Slanker? Call me! The slogan's stolen, too. Isn't that how adfolk do it?

And there's good stuff over in the Reno News and Review by Dennis Myers about Gibbons' executive order to create a Stimulus Czar:

State Controller Kim Wallin, while saying she would work
cooperatively with the governor and his staff, said her function is far
wider than the governor characterized it. She said her office will
assist and coach state agencies on how to obtain federal grants and
work with them on accounting and federal reporting requirements. She
said she will proceed to do the job assigned her by the IFC.

Gibbons said, “There is no authority in the controller to give direction to any state agency.”

Wallin said the governor doesn’t understand how the process works.

Gibbons seemed to be ordering state agencies under his control not
to cooperate with the controller. His order to state agencies says that
the ARRA director in his office shall “serve as the single point of
contact in Nevada relating to the ARRA, track grants and awards and
ensure timely and compliant reporting by executive branch ARRA

To make his case against the lawmakers, Gibbons adopted stances he
has never taken before—pitting the federal government against the state
with himself on the side of the feds and describing the stimulus
package as the work of the angels.

“That funding is going to put Nevada back to work and jump-start the
economy of the state of Nevada,” the governor said of the federal
stimulus money.

“The federal law supersedes state law, in this case,” he said.

Gibbons never explained what was “convoluted” about putting the
position in the controller’s office instead of across the hall in the
governor’s office, but he used the term repeatedly.

“It’s not a convoluted process,” Wallin said. “They [legislators] haven’t slowed it down one bit.” (RN&R)

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