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The Amazing PigeonMan!

The Amazing PigeonMan Mike Montandon Okay, okay. I know most of you couldn't give a rat's patootie about North Las Vegas, and you probably agree with Nor'Town's very own County Commissioner and Bumpkin Tom Collins, to wit, all of us trailer-trash Nor'Townies should just pack up and return to the swamp that spawned us.

But this has to do with you, or at least the minority of you who think that there's any point to crawl out and vote in the Republican Gubernatorial primary and self-loathing fest coming next year.

So, for the two of you that pertains to, check out the RJ's story about Gubewannabe Mike Montandon scrambling to remove his pate from a website promoting a, get this, pigeon preserve in North Las Vegas. Of course, the "preserve" turned out to be located in what Animal Control deemed an illegal spot, and it turns out most every roof in Nor'Town is already a pigeon preserve.

I know. I know. You're thinking: what next in Nor'Town? Roach motels? Without sticky floors, I mean?

Hey, no business is too goofy not to get the full support of the Nor'Town Planning Commission and City Council! So, all you goofball entrepreneurs/snake-oil salesfolk, stop on by!

Actually, what should be concerning all of you is that Gube-wannabes Mike Montandon and Joe Heck, along with Danny Boy Senatewannabe Tarkanian are up north today catering to the Teabagger-looney crowd. (RGJ,Zeke) That's something to keep in mind in the highly unlikely event any of those fellows survive to the general.

It's interesting to speculate about why the Review Journal's going after Montandon. One suspects that Jim Gibbons is despite everything still their favorite flavor of crazy and that they're hoping he can eke out a few more favorable percentage points, just to get a little closer to 20 mind you, so as to ooze through the primary for the Gubeship. Since Montandon and Heck are sucking up some, albeit very little, of that Gibbers-crazy support, perhaps the RJ wants to get them out of the race early.

Then GIbbons would then be able to suck up the crazy residue, start calling Sandoval a panty-waist liberal for not catering to the craven core, and slouch on to the general.

None of that bi-partisan, centrist love old Sandoval may be feeling right now counts for anything in the Republican primary, remember. Come on, just try to find a "centrist republican" in Nevada. I mean, most the Democrats are gun-toting right-leaning anti-public-option free-markertiers fer garsh sakes.

So, all you crazies out there remember: Vote Gibbons Out heartily endorses Jim Gibbons for Governor–IN the Nevada Republican primary!

Crazy Gibbons Days at the Nevada Republican Primary!

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