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Something’s on Steroids, Alrighty

Jim Gibbons thinks he can pull in $3 million for his doomed re-election campaign by the end of the year, seemingly placing expectations for the campaign on steroids. (Sun) Even the right wing puntards who helped elect Gibbons in the first place found the amount to be "absurd" and a "fantasy". All proving that perhaps it's the Gube's ego or his fantasy life that's on steroids. You pick.

And yet another Gøøb appointee is in trouble. This time nobody is sure whether a family judge appointed by the Guv has served out his term or whether there's still time on the clock. (Sun) At issue is whether the Governor can warp time, making years seem like decades as the election to remove him seems to recede more and more into the distant future with each passing day.

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