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Review Journal Announces Big Changes

Catch a sample of the new RJ!

The Teabagger Review Journal

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Okay, okay, there are no changes at the Review Journal. Just more of the craven bias that has become its trademark.

The Review Journal has apparently decided to abandon all pretense of objectivity these days, especially with regard to its reporting on health care.

On Tuesday, as reported by Jason Whited, the RJ threw a grotesque headline on an AP story to the effect that "Public doubt is growing" about the government health care plans. Whited objected to the story

Because that “news” story is total, complete and utter bullshit. And R-J editors should have known better. (Is that why it’s not available on their website?)

Those anti-health care reform demonstrations you’ve heard about? They haven’t sprouted from the grassroots. No, they’re bought, paid for and promoted by a collective of right-wing groups who represent the health insurance industry, the prescription drug industry and the poor, little hospital industry.

The rest of the piece details what is now well known, right wing astroturf organizations funded by health insurance and pharmaceutical companies are using terror tactics at congressional townhall meetings to suppress debate.

The RJ splattered its front page with more such nonsense today, but it wasn't happy to end its shameless display of yellow jounalism there. It inserted its own "news" story about how local representatives aren't, in its opinion, holding enough townhalls so that rightwing goons can't sabotage them.

The story in fact admits that "memos" from "conservative activists" are behind the hardball tactic, and then has the gall to quote a spokesman for the health care industry to "prove" the so-called legitimacy of the protests.

But Las Vegas public affairs
consultant Ryan Erwin, who works with health care companies and
Republican politicians, says much of the angst is genuine.

"There are very few issues people get more riled up about than their own health care; maybe crime, maybe schools," said Erwin. (RJ)

Oddly the reporter couldn't be bothered to read a Sun story about Dina Titus attending a Rotary meeting…to discuss health care. (Sun)

Add to this some pitiful moaning about journalistic ethics from Thomas Mitchell, and you have a pretty pathetic performance from the kitty-litter box liner of record.

Why is the RJ so interested? Well, it may have something to do with the health care companies owned by its parent company, Stevens Group. Just have a gander at the ten companies it owns:

  1. Arrow Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  2. InMed Diagnostic Imaging
  3. NeuroVasx, Inc.
  4. Precision Therapeutics, Inc.
  5. Prism Pharmaceuticals
  6. RayMedica, Inc.
  7. Regeneration Technologies, Inc.
  8. Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.
  9. Vascular Solutions, Inc.
  10. ViaCell, Inc. (Stephens Group)

Pretty disgusting, even for the RJ.

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