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Potty Partisan

"What do I have to do to get arrested?" -- Jim GibbonsMy, the Gøøber had a busy day, today. Yup, marched out for his little media event wherein he announced an executive order–you'd think somebody woulda taken those away from him long ago lest he hurt somebody–allowing himself to appoint a stimulus czar and use fed money to pay for it.

Our little egomaniac then defied the legislature to sue him–he used to be against frivolous lawsuits, you know–but it looks like the state, representing the people of Nevada, may simply end up prosecuting.

The Gube's move was apparently illegal. No surprise there since apparently the Gube and the new team were too busy to vet the thing with the lawyers:

His executive order flies in the face of long-standing law requiring
legislative approval to spend any money. According to Legislative
Counsel Bureau Director Lorne Malkiewich, the State Budget Act, NRS353,
requires legislative approval to receive and spend any federal money.

said it's his understanding that ARRA puts the governor in control of
the money, "unless otherwise provided by state law and our state law
requires it go through the state budget act." (Nevada Appeal)

Which, apparently state law in fact does.

The story continues that the legos won't sue over it cuz they're affeared somebody might sue about the constitutionality of the Interim Finance Committee.

Frankly, everybody should sue away. Get these matters settled outright. But if the legos won't take up the fight, shouldn't the Attorney General step in, to protect the state from law breaking politicians?

The Gube's outburst contained too many ironies to catalog. Such as state's-righter Gibbers saying "The federal law supersedes state law." (Sun) Or "I'm done with partisan potshots"–in the midst of the biggest partisan potshot of his career. (AP)

Well, Judge Sandoval's resignation may render all that nonsense moot, especially if he runs for Gube instead of the Senate. (INP) However, I still maintain that Gibbons should be the pick of Nevada Republican party. Hey, can't go against your true nature guys.

Besides, as others have put it, Sandoval won't be able to deliver the crazy necessary to win the GOP nomo. And nobody delivers the crazy like the Gibbers.

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