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Making a Moron Out of a Mountain

Governor Jim Gibbons Takes a Licking. [UPDATE: Please read this important correction!]

Perhaps nothing provides a better example of why Jim Gibbons is such an epic fail as a governor more than the recent 'tarnedness about Yucca Mountain oozing from the Gube office.

First we see the governor having his blather about how Harry Reid should just kill the Yucca licensing process by waving some kind of magic wand to convince the House and Senate to reverse their vote to build it–a vote Mr. Gibbons in all his backbenching ineffectiveness wasn't able to stop when he was in Congress.

The bill, of course, was signed into law by George Bush, whom Mr. Gibbons supported unquestioningly.

Given that, how believable is this?

As a 10-year member of Congress, Gibbons consistently opposed moves to make Yucca Mountain the waste repository. (RJ)

Except, of course, to try to keep the man out of office who signed Yucca into law.

But, I digress. Today we learn that the guv wanted to cut funding to the legal fight against Yucca–just a few days after going after Reid for not doing enough to kill the dump.

So, getting a headache trying to keep up with the policy shifts? Well, that's because Gibbons doesn't have policy shifts. He has political shifts of a remarkably shifty nature, but not policy shifts.

When have we ever seen the gube take an honest to God policy stand and then work professionally to accomplish that goal? Never–and "no new taxes" doesn't count. If anything 'no new taxes" is an anti-policy, an empty phrase thrown to 14-percenters in Incline Village and the Sands like a piece of rotten meat to the jackals.

Oh, we all know the motivation for the first tirade. The Reid swipe was a back-handed way to go after a half-baked proposal from some gube-wannabe from the gube's own party. Today's decision by the gube against more Yucca funding had something to do with allowing him to make another Reid-swipe while yammering "no new taxes." Again, the gube sets out to make cheap political points at the expense of his 10-year "consistent" opposition to Yucca.

Everything is a political game for the guv, especially now as he desperately claws for some kind of hail Mary miracle to save his faltering career.

Too late for that. He should have set aside the ham-handed political machinations which flit about him like flies on a carcass back at the beginning of the gøøbership and attempted a policy or two.

Oh, well, at least his staff can offer us some wet-tongued amusement during these dog days. To which I'm sure the state would like to respond: "Hey, guys, screw the stamp! You can lick our…."

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