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Legos Blink Cuz They Still Have Futures

Yup, members of the Interim Finance Committee turned tail and ran in the opposite direction from the man we call Gube. (Sun) Just a few moments ago they voted to allow distribution of stimulus funds. Many Repugs, led by Raggio who thought he was being cute, declined to vote claiming the Guv’s take over of the stimulus fund process made the IFC vote unnecessary.

At the end of the meeting a citizen excoriated the Repugs for failing to do the work they were elected to do. Apparently dealing with the Gube’s nuttiness will lead Raggio to trash what’s left of his legacy.

Certainly the IFC has been exceeding cowardly during the dustup. Still they have cause to be afraid, very, very afraid. Gibbons is up against a wall. He’s got absolutely nothing to lose thanks to his mis-handled first term and his miserable poll numbers, and he might not even survive the primary. So, like the Nixonian madman at the nuke button, he’s trying to get what he wants by threatening to blow everything up–including the Interim Finance Committee bandaid created to keep Nevada stumbling forward under an archaic constitution which severely limits the legislature’s ability to meet and revise the budget.

And the madman strategy seems to be working at least at a crass, short-term political level, the level preferred by desperate Republicans these days. Of course, it will lead to disaster as we await the first reports of mishandled stimulus funds and missed opportunities from the Gube’s stimulus office. Too pessimistic, you say? Well, the list of missed opportunities was pretty long before the Gube asked for a Czar, and one can hardly expect the Governor’s incompetence, the only constant of his first term, to suddenly vanish. (Sun, Sun)

Especially when he’s so desperate that he’s using the Nuke option to keep what’s left of his political career alive.

So I guess my advice to the Legos, and to everybody else, is to duck into a bunker until Gibbons finally meets his fate–whether it be in the primary or the general.

Nevada -- We Got the Crazy! And his name is Jim Gibbons 

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