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Everybody's Playing Follow the Gøøber!

Kick the President!

Woah. What any reasonable person with at least a sixth grade reading ability would deem a ham-handed attack on a strawman constructed from a complete misconstrual of some harmless remarks perpetrated by the most craven political hack in the country has turned into a minor fad. (AP,Titus,TitusBerkley)

Even those who pass for grownups in Nevada politics have decided to join the Gøøber in going after the president for chastising businesses using bailout money to rent Vegas hookers.

It was no surprise when the Vegas mayor jumped on the Gibbons’ bandwagon because, well, nothing HE does surprises anyone. But even Dollarsign Dina and Baamter Berkeley joined the fray. Not to be left behind, the Senate majority leader jumped into to protect Vegas from the strawman manufactured from campaign season fear and loathing.

Will somebody please tap them all on the shoulder and say “Gee, is your campaign strategy really going to consist of emulating the Gøøbenor of Nevada? Is that what you consider leadership? So, what’s next, guys? Socking a date? Texting a paramour? Loading up on incompetent staff? Eight hour work weeks? Single issue “policy”? Spending your time in court fending off the ex, covering up the nasty stuff in your emails and the creepy stuff you do in parking lots?”

Really? Is that what you all consider “leadership”? Playing follow the Gøøber??

Aren’t you all just a little ashamed of yourselves?

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