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Correction–The Real Reason Gibbons is Two-Faced

Ooops. Looks like Ed Vogel misreported the Gube’s recent vote on the State Board of Examiners vis-a-vis Yucca Mountain Funding. The Gube didn’t vote against additional funding–he merely argued it was a bad idea to vote for it–before voting for it.

Oddly, this is one case were a correction in the RJ requires an actual erasure of 90% of the story. (RJ) Sorta like in that book called “1984″ where guys had jobs rewriting historical documents and old newspaper stories.

You know, like Dick Cheney.

Anyways, I went off on a tirade based on that now mostly erased story, natch. (VGO)

So, I guess I owe the Gube an apology. He’s not two-faced because he voted against the fight against Yucca that he has fought so uselessly in the past. He’s only two-faced for voting for funding he seems to have thought was wasteful and dumb.

I apologize for calling the Gøøber two-faced for the wrong reason.

Elsewhere: how tiresome is it to read Sebelius go on and on about how the continued cat fight over the stimulus czar is good for the Gube when Sebelius apparently hasn’t considered arguments for it’s illegality? Geez, read a paper guys.

More elsewhere: traffic infrastructure in the state continues to crumble, and the RJ provides a little history as to why:

The state Energy, Transportation
and Infrastructure Committee had recommended that an eight-person
advisory group be formed to study and recommend long-term
transportation funding solutions for the 2011 Legislature. Gov. Jim
Gibbons, however, vetoed its formation. He had also previously rejected
recommendations made by a Blue Ribbon Task Force appointed by his
predecessor, Guinn, that called for indexing the gasoline tax to
reflect the rate of inflation and exploring public-private
partnerships, toll roads, and higher motor vehicle registration and
driver’s license fees. Since last increased, TRIP reports, the buying
power of Nevada’s 17.65 cents-per-gallon motor fuel tax dedicated to
state highway repairs has decreased by 43 percent. (RJ)

And in the midst of a story about the apparently imminent re-elect-Gibbons Special Session, we learn:

Gibbons said he has been meeting
with gaming executives to find out how he can promote more tourism. He
said he did interviews Monday with California TV stations to induce
companies to relocate to the Silver State. (RJ)

No doubt the primary purpose of those meeting with gambling house sharpies was for the Gube to ask for PR tips–not to ask for campaign contributions, which are probably harder to come by this time around for the lame duck. No, surely the Gube wasn’t asking for money, and his campaign finance reports won’t have lists of checks signed on or near this date. No, not at all.

But that last line of that quote is even more scary. Those commercial spots would surely make any entrepreneur with half a brain head for Montana.

Nevada -- We Got the Crazy! And his name is Jim Gibbons 

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