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California Bidness: Come to Vegas–We’ll Screw Workers For Ya

Go check out the recent ads for Las Vegas being pushed by the Nevada Development Authority. They seem to be telling California bidnesses that they ought to move to Vegas cuz we've got "low worker comp fees," along with no bidness tax and no personal income tax. (NDA)

Yes, it does sound like it was plagiarized from a Gibbers' speech.

But hey, California corporation entities! You'll love that sales tax! And workers "trained" at a recently gutted university system, crappy schools for your kids, and roads that are to die for!

What the crap are you all waiting for?

Of course, the ad campaign drew grumblings from some politico in the state Assembly looking for some cheap face time. (LAT)

And we all remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit to the state in his moving van attempting to steal Nevada companies, so this kind of rivalry flares up every once and a while.

It also seems to be invoking pity from the Cali press. The Fresno Bee suggests that Nevada is mounting the campaign out of "desperation" to expand the base of the economy from "booze, sex, and gambling" (FB) Hey, how'd he figure that out?

It's too bad that the state ends up selling itself on the basis of what killed it: protecting corporate juice from making its contribution to building up the state.

I guess we should just be thankful WE don't have to watch those NDA ads. I'm sure we'll all be quite surprised, too, if even one company moves. Otherwise, the whole scheme would end up looking that the stimulus czar thing–a disgusting waste of precious tax money in a time of crisis. In other words, exactly what we've come to expect from the Gibbons' administration.

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