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Bring It!

Bring it, dammit**! Let's do it. Let's stop the "partisan potshots" and settle some Nevada constitutional questions.

So, go ahead, senate weenies. Sue the Gube over his illegal takeover of the legislative function to tax and to appropriate state monies. That's what legislatures do, don't they?

And, go ahead, Gøøber minions. Sue the legislature over the legality of the Interim Finance Committee. Do it. Let's bring the insanity of a legislature meeting once every two years to the fore and thrash it out. No more hiding behind the band-aid of a possibly illegal committee full of "super legislators." Let's have it out. Let's decide if Nevada should stick with the facade of a citizen legislature that has to rely on lobbyists to figure out what they should do, or whether it should move on to a professional legislature which meets more often and does the people's business on a regular basis. Of course, they'll get a real salary, but they won't be able to work for mines, or developers, or stripclub owners, or whatever.

Let's squeeze one useful thing out of the wasted four years of the Gibbons' governorship. Let the gube through his idiocy bring about the nasty house cleaning the state government has been avoiding for twenty years.

What more fitting end the the Gibbons' years than the collapse, and hopefully, reconstruction of state government? At least this way we'll feel that something got accomplished during this awful miasma that is Gibbons.


**Anybody else notice that the Governor's given to swearing a lot lately? (RJ,Sun) I guess the  humiliation of imminent political defeat puts a lot of stress on a feller.

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1 comment to Bring It!

  • Bobby Wantemout

    The Nevada Ober-dictator in Chief has taken on the persona of Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movies. He must have a new and diabolical terrible plot afoot or he would not be after… wait for it… 2 Billion dollars! Why, by my oh-so-lame accounting abilities, you could get a new cell phone with unlimited texting so you could chat with bimbos while you were supposed to be at work.
    So, it is now crystal clear that not only does he hate state employees, legislators and anyone else who was elected to a government position, but he also really hates the citizens of Nevada and must believe they are rubes who will be easily tricked by his shell game. Not so fast, Evil Dr. Gibbons! 2 Billion dollars and the federal accounting to go along with it will be much harder to fix than a Metro investigation into fondling a drunk woman…excuse me, a slighly inebriated business woman who we would like to see kick your butt in her civil suit against you.
    Next we’ll see you spending the 2 Billion to put fricking lazers on the heads of endagered dice (fish) in the Moapa Valley. (That would actually make much more sense than most of your lame schemes…!)