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Breaking News From the Sinking Ship...

So, first we read this:

With the addition of Robin Reedy, Lynn Hettrick and Stacy Woodbury to senior staff positions in his administration, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons is finally portraying an image of experience and competence. (Muth via Nevada Appeal)

And then we read this…

Gov. Jim Gibbons’ deputy energy director was terminated Monday and escorted from his office by Carson City sheriff’s deputies after reportedly refusing to leave.  Nick Vander Poel has been a mid-level Gibbons aide since the governor was in the U.S. House and worked in several state agencies. (RGJ)

You ever notice how words seem to change their meaning the closer you get to Gube Central in Carson? Now, would any of you say that frog-marching a moderately high level employee from the building who’d been working for the Gøøber since he was bankbenching to nowhere after refusing to explain the reason for the termination is part of “an image of experience and competence”? Or do I need a new dictionary?

Catch some of the commentary to that Reno Gazette-Journal piece. Rumor there has it that Vander Poel was Mendy Elliot’s kid. If true, it looks like Gibbers’ new staff is purging the joint of friends and family of the unfaithful–leaving behind the true blue, er, red 10 percenters.

I will admit that Gibbers’ new Chieftess of Staff, Robin Reedy, is funny. Laugh out loud funny. Just look what she said as she tried to defend Gibbons’ idea of a stimulus czar:

Gibbons suggested the program be in his office, which would allow the hiring of a so-called “stimulus czar” without going through the personnel system. And Reedy rejected the suggestion that this would be a political appointment rather than a qualified individual to work in the governor’s office. (Sun)

Now that’s funny. The bit about Gibbons hiring a qualified individual, I mean.

Ridin' in a car with my stimulus czar! -- Jim Gibbons Turns out that the Interim Finance Committee cut the salary for the czar and took the position out of the Guv’s office and stuck into the Controller’s.

Oddly, one of the main reasons Ms. Reedy disapproved of the move was that it made the position a classified one, which would make it harder to fire the person and have them frog-marched from the building.

So, apparently the plan was to follow up on the current string of missed stimulus opportunities with another string of missed opportunities, and then blame it on the Czar. Ah, a scapegoat to sacrifice just before the election. Now, throw in some nutty Yucca rants, a few “Rory Revenue” jokes, a birth certificate from Mexico with Barbara Buckley’s tiny footprint on it, and you’ve got the battle plan for 2010!

God save us!

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2 comments to Breaking News From the Sinking Ship…

  • reno.muse

    What a delicious read!
    And yes, Mendy is Nick’s mom. Don’t your remember the story that ran in the RGJ a few years ago about Nick and Mendy being at a golf tournament and she got hit in the head with a golf ball?
    That’s the first time I heard the two were related.

  • Nevada Coyote

    Yes, and little Nicky is now threatening the husband of his former co-worker on the comment section following the article on the
    I guess if you’re married to a state employee, he thinks you give up your first amendment rights?