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All to Fools and Madmen

Jim Gibbons performs the famous Hide The Puppet scene from King Lear Say, does state government these days remind anyone of a production of King Lear mounted, pardon the expression, by the Mustang Ranch Amateur Shakespearean League and Rusty Trombone Club? No?

Huh. Must just be me, I suppose.

Anyway, the Interim Finance Committee, sans rusty trombones, seems to be in permanent constrain-the-mad-king mode. Such is the take of the Legislators talking to the Sun, where Senate Leader Horsford complains rather euphemistically of the "distractions" in the Gube Mansion and Sheila Leslie notes that Legos have very little "trust" in the mad king's judgment.

Still, thinking stratigeristically, maybe the Dems should simply let Gibbons be Gibbons during his last year and a half. You know, so that voters might have the full flavor of the Gube's final mad scene on their tongues as they head off to vote. Let him appoint somebody like RV king duke Howard Weiss as Stimulus Czar–and just let things take their natural course.

I suppose that'd be kinda irresponsible to let the state go into the toilet just to prove the Guv's manifest incompetence. But, hey, how much worse could it get?

Speaking of rusty trombones, the Bunny Ranch is apparently offering a "government assistance" program in order to

help men such as: David Vitter, John Ensign,
Eliot Spitzer, Mark Foley, Robert Livingston, Jim Gibbons, Mark
Sanford, and Larry Craig who could have easily avoided their troubles
by visiting the BunnyRanch. (LavLib)

Nah. Bad idea. They'd just end up spending all the stimulus money on hookers. Though it'd give a boost the Carson economy, I suppose.

Say, I wonder if they sell rusty trombones on Craig's list?

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