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Who’s the Lamest? Gooblets

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  • The Sun raises the question today: who's the lamest Mayor who wants to be Gube? There's Oscar Goodman of Sou'Town, who, if he ran as an independent, would probably split the Clark County vote and hand the win to the survivor of the Republican primary. Hence, no doubt, Jim Gibbons has been on the phone begging him to run. Then there's Bob Cashell. The only thing any of us know about him down here is that he can't make up his mind if'n he supports Reid for the Senate or not and that, apparently, he's not the fave of the loony 10-percenters running the Gropers Only Party in Nevada.
  • Eh? You say I left out a lame mayoral Gube wannabe? Nope. The guy you're thinking about ain't mayor of doodly-squat anymore, and he's only looking to get a little name recognition so as to be poised for a shot at something like Shelley Berkley's congressional seat. Besides, who wants someone who is (a) the darling of the Review Journal gabbering Editorial Bored and (b) missed his projected fund-raising goals so badly he's skeered to show a reporter his balance sheet?
  • The other crazy Republican running for Gube is out tea-bagging this weekend. (RJ)
  • Say, who's got the lamest Twitter feed? Heck or Montandon?
  • GovGibbons certainly isn't.
  • Meanwhile, Goober's handpicked Nevada Hunter Association (formerly the Nevada Wildlife Commission, but the Gube wanted to reserve that name for his MILF-posse) decides to emulate the Governor's freewheeling lifestyle of cronyism and extra-marital affairs, not necessarily in that order. (RJ)
  • You'd think that our MILF-happy Gube would be against policies that reduce the northern Nevada cougar population, wouldn't you? Sadly the four-legged cougar is being wiped out because of "sport" hunting. (SD,Plos) Don't look to the lame duck Goof for any change in hunting law, tho. He's been a pal of the Safari Club way too long to change his spots now. (Gube,Sun,SourceWatch)
  • Self-annoited Senator Jim Gibbons?? Gibbons rants: dog bites man. (VT&S)
  • Hey, Laughlin! You like him so much, why don't you keep him? (LNT) And did he really tell Arizona to "pound sand"? Still, I think the distractive invasion will be into Utah.
  • Yes, Virginia Sam, Gibbons could anoint himself Senator. So, everybody please e-mail Mr. Ensign and BEG him not to resign. Unless you want VGO to hang around a few more years….
  • Area woman abandons $97K-plus job. (Sun) Yep, Patti Cafferata has resigned from the Nevada Ethics-Schmethics Commission. During her tenure, we witnessed the gutting of commission powers by ex-Nevada Senator-Lobbyist Warren Hardy, whom we only wish had discovered his true calling a few terms ago, and some first class partisan Gube-ass-kissing. Say, I think Sig Rogich would probably be a worthy successor, don't you? Or, how about Mr. Hardy hisself? He could work to ensure the commission has absolutely no jurisdiction over any portion of state government. Anyways, Ms. Cafferata can now get back to her previous career–suing Ely.


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