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Who’s Talking About the Gibbers?

Fun quotes about your favorite Guv and the possibility of him appointing a new United States Senator:

If Senator Ensign resigns or is forced out of office, who would take his seat? According to Nevada law, an interim senator would be appointed by the governor until the 2010 general election.

This would give the embattled and unbelievably unpopular
Jim Gibbons the power to appoint a senator. This should prove to be
very interesting to say the least. Picture a Republican version of the
Governor Blagojevich/Senator Burris appointment. (The Walker Report)

George Knapp on the possibility of the Gube appointing Dawn to the Senate:

Think about it. It would get Dawn out of town and out of Jim’s hair. He
wouldn’t have to worry about running into her at their Reno home or at
the drive-in movie. It would mean she would have a steady income and
wouldn’t need to take a big bite out of Jim’s wallet.
And we all remember how well the two of them got along for all those
years when he lived on one coast while she lived on the other. (LasVegasCityLife)

Brrrrrr. Frighteningly compelling logic!

Ralston in the Sun:

Imagine the reaction of the Senate GOP caucus to the news that a man
who slept with his best friend’s wife and then had his parents pay them
off is being replaced by a man accused by his wife of adultery, seen
cavorting with various women around Reno and is considered the most
incompetent governor in history? Oh joy. (Sun)

Well, my guess is that they’d say: “Cool! He’s one of us–and a partay dog, too!”

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