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Who Says Treppgate’s Dead?

Gibbons frog march is back!Looks like it's time to dust off the old Gibbons' frog-march pic, again.

The Reno-Gazette Journal has moved it's suit to force the Guv to hand over e-mails written on a government computer, using government software, using a government LAN and a government Internet connection to us, the folks who paid for all that, thank you very much. (Sun)

A District judge earlier denied the bulk of the Journal's suit and required only six out of 104 e-mails need be surrendered by the Gube. The RGJ is now taking the next step by asking the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider District Judge James Russell's decision.

The paper was looking for e-mails between Gibbers and his sexting gal-pals Kathy Karrasch and Leslie Durant. They also wanted to see e-mails between the Gube and Warren Trepp. (Sun)

Oh, the lovely Trepp e-mails. You'll want to have a trip down memory lane with those beauties. Why not go have a peek right now over at the Sun? It's probably the only chance you'll get to see how Jimbo does his bidness when he thinks nobody's looking.

I can't wait to see our dear old Nevada Attorney General stand up for old Gibbers and claim the e-mails aren't public records. (1stAmend) Shouldn't the office be telling the Gube that if he wants to sext, he can buy his own blackberry and not squander public resources?

Elsewhere: Lookee! Another incompetent state exec who can't get anything through the Legislature–unfortunately this time it's campaign reform. (Sun) Guess we'll see  SoS Ross Miller's crank out the same old campaign promises about campaign reform we saw last election, given he'll have broken all of 'em by then.

At least Senate and Assembly folk were happy to admit in public that they are idiots and can't run a computer:

Assemblywoman Ellen Koivisto, D-Las Vegas and chairwoman of the
Assembly Committee on Elections, Procedures and Ethics, said her
committee spent four hearings trying to address all the concerns
lawmakers had.

“I was amazed at the people who didn’t want to do electronic
filing,” Koivisto said. “These were the same people sitting there with
laptops every day, doing all kinds of things … The excuse was so many
of our people live way out somewhere and don’t have Internet access. My
response to that? Bull.

Oh wait. Did I say "idiots"? I meant "liars".

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