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Where’s Gibbers?

Where is he? Out Sexting Again? -- Jim Gibbons
All of Nevada was agog today over the prospect that the Luv Guv had pulled a Sanford and disappeared off to Argentina desperately seeking a paramour with a rape-fetish.

The Gube's true undisclosed destination, however, is probably Iraq or Afghanistan as the American taxpayer funds yet another "fact finding" junket for the Gube at which, no doubt, there will be thousands of photos of the Gibbers next to troops wondering who the hell he is. (Sun,TPM)

Just before he left, the Gube gave the boot to some more senior staffers–leaving hardly any help left except maybe an illegal or two in the basement.(Sun,Sun) The gube campaign, oddly,has been handed over to fellow who's never run a campaign before but can get you a great deal on a set of skis. (S&G) Meanwhile the latest disastrous appointee of the Guv is so tied up with Nevada gambling bosses that he has to recuse himself every ten minutes during Gaming Commission hearings. (RJ) And to top it all off, Gibbers leaves us in the hands of an indicted gooftard who now gets his very own special prosecutor. (RJ)

But none of that is the worst of it  Keep in mind that the Gøøber made a similar trip in 2008 to get pics of hisself wrapped in the Nevada flag. That trip was to cover-up the gubernatorial war of the roses betwixt the Gibbers and the first Ferret. The ploy failed miserably since on his return, Dawn set the lawyers on him big time and then we found out what the Gube really likes to do with his Blackberry.

So the worst of it isn't that there's nobody working in the Gube's office, or that Gibbers' appointees are dismantling the state, or that we'll probably have to suffer hundreds of pictures of the Gube, a flag, and some folks in fatigues.

Nope, the worst of it is that some new, awful scandal will probably erupt as soon as the Guv sets foot on Nevada tarmac again. So, I don't know about you, but I'm heading over to the survival store for a nice Kevlar vest. And if you were smart, you would, too.

Elsewhere: Gubewannabe Rory Reid pulls a Gibbons and appoints a committee rather than dealing with a tough decision himself.(VT&S)  Is he trying to show us he's Gube material?

Where are his pants??

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1 comment to Where’s Gibbers?

  • Desert Beacon

    I’d say that at least he’s where he can’t do any more damage to the state, but then he didn’t exactly show up for duty during the legislative session.