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Wazzizname for State Senate

Kieckhefer and Pal

Former Gube toady wazzisname has announced a bid for Townsend's term-limited seat in the Senate. (INP,Sun) Wazzisname is depicted above helping the Gube slip on the MILF-huntin' 'turtle.

He apparently has the support of some big-wig yet has-beeny Republicans who are ignoring my advice to embrace their inner Gibbons and support goofball Ty Cobb instead.

Still, it will been fun to watch the former Gibbons mouthpiece start bad-mouthing the ex-boss as he and the state Republican party distance themselves from Gibbons, the political leper. Unless, of course, that deep self-destructive urge towards anti-gument Gibberizing in the party rises up, which it may well do.

Elsewhere: another big rat deserts the sinking S.S. Gøøber. General counsel Chris Nielsen has jumped ship. (INP)

Huh. Pretty soon it'll be only Mendy. Oh, and the Gube's personal lawyers, of course. They'll be around as long as the legal defense slush fund holds out.

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    Cannabalism is one thing. But does it have to be on rotting meat?