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Twitter Suspends Feed Mocking Gibbons


Twitter has shut down one of the funniest feeds on Twitter!

The feed, called GovGibbons, mocked the Governor mercilessly by posting faux-tweats of the Gube's adventures between those daily naps. On the very day we celebrate all our freedoms, too. Sneaky so-and-so's–they figured nobody would be watching.

By the way, I am NOT the author of GovGibbons. Whoever it is, they're funnier than me. I run a dull feed called Scandalmonger.

Andrew Kiraly over at LVCityLife occasionally posted excerpts. Here's a pdf generated from the Google cache of the feed.

If you go to the feed at, you'll only see the suspended message, and a place to add a comment. So, go place a comment protesting the shutdown!

It's unclear why the feed was shut down. There are lots of parody feeds, like FakeSarahPalin which ran through the election and was even funnier than the real thing. Perhaps GovGibbons should have been called FakeGibbons, tho there's already a dead feed by that name.

Dullard-Mush, on the other hand, seems to have done Dean Heller a service by filling in Heller's feed while the idiots in the Congressman's office struggled to join the 21st century and took over the feed.

So, here's a question for our enterprising MSM to consider between mouthfuls of 4th of July hotdogs and potato salad: why did Twitter shut down the feed? Did they get a call from the Governor's office, because Dan Burns finally learned about Twitter? Or did the Gube get tired of tweating MILFs and finally searched for himself on Twitter?

Say, if the Gube's already twittering on that blackberry of his, what do you suppose his Twitter moniker is? There are a number of interesting nicknames for the Jim Gibbonses on Twitter, like jagibboyahoocom, slimjim269, or the very suspicious Horngreen–who's really into bayonets.

Say, LuvGuv's still available!

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