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The Distract/MavIraq Tour

Where are them Mooslum Milfs? -- Jim Gibbons It's gonna be a long Gube campaign if we're gonna hafta sit through a few thousand iterations of "Gibbons the Maverick" mythology again. Old Olmer Fudd, Gibbers' campaign staffer and ski instructor, started off the season with the first cattle call of the election. (Sun) No doubt that Maverick stuff will work the same magic it did for the McCain-Moose ticket–when "maverick" came to mean out-of-touch wackjob.

The Gøøber had made it official–he's in Iraq. He broke radio silence just long enough to get a press release out. You know, he's got his priorities. He ain't on a tax-payer junket for nothing, you know. He's trying to look all gøøbernatorial and all as a warmup to the 2010 slugfest.

According to the dispatch accompanying a bunch of photos of the Guv with folks in fatigues wondering who the hell he is, the governor seems to think he's in Vietnam. The evidence for that observation is the rather snide tirade wherein he tells us not to burn flags and throw flowers at the returning troops while high on weed and humming Doors' tunes:

“These troops should be treated with dignity (when they come home),” [Gibbers] said. “The people of Nevada need to recognize and reward their service. We need to make sure we have jobs for them when they return and that they are taken care of just like they took care of us.” (GubeRelease)

Wow. It's like that speech he stole about Hollywood human shields just keeps playing over and over in his head. You know, like a Doors' tune.

Of course, any of the troops hoping for a state or county job when they return home will be sorely disappointed thanks to the Gube's budget. And wasn't he in Congress went that Walter Reed hospital for vets went to hell? And wasn't he playing games The LuvGuv confounds the troops. -- Jim Gibbons with the DoD secret budget, trying to use funds that could go for Kevlar and bullets in a scam to buy software that didn't work to get a little gum'ent sugar back home in the district? And wasn't he using his connections to defense contractors to get ferret-wife a job–again channeling funds away from defense programs that might actually save a soldier's life? And wasn't he singing with the choir backing up the Cheney-Bush tardocracy that sent our forces into Iraq without sufficient armor, supplies, and troops, nearly losing the "peace"?

Some folk have a funny way of "supporting" the troops, don't they?

No doubt the most repugnant aspect of the trip will be watching the Gube act as if barbs slung in his direction are attacks on the troops–a grotesque attempt to use the men and women of our armed forces as, well, human shields to deflect legitimate criticism of the lamest guv ever.

Still, it's great having him out of the state, ain't it?

UPDATE: Huh. The outfit the Gibbers visited were more excited about Pawlenty than the Nevada-gube. Maybe because Pawlenty actually has a political future. (redbulls) Or maybe they'd actually heard of the Minnesota gube.

Always in the background. -- Jim Gibbons

Elsewhere: Did someone say Gibbons and Hookers? (Gawker)

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