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The Distract/MavIraq Tour Crawls to a Feeble End

Governor Tim Pawlenty Finds Governor Jim Gibbons Lost in MeditationNevada Governor Jim Gibbons is expected to continue his reign of incompetence sometime today or tomorrow as he returns from his Defibrillate the 2010 Gube Campaign by Frightening the Troops Overseas Tour.

The Gube will be returning to Nevada after a stop at a military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. (AP)

The Governor’s schedule apparently provided him ample opportunity to appear on numerous local media outlets and to instruct staff to type up press release after press release.

But, who’s complaining? The staff provided a couple of great pics, including one of Minnesota Gube Tim Pawlenty giving Gibbers the old WTF? eye at some meeting called to distract public relations officers from other duties.

Pawlenty dodged a bullet recently–there was some talk he may have been selected by deadman walking John McCain as Veep candidate in 2008. No doubt old Pawlenty is thanking whatever gods watch over Minnesota Gubes for convincing McCain to pick the Moose, instead. Pawlenty is also considered a possible GOP prezwannabe for 2012. Check out his website: he’s using the troop tour to make cheap political points, too, just like the Gibbers.

KEY KIDS! What do you think Pawlenty is thinking as he gazes at the Gibbers! Fill in the bubbles to create comic fun!

What are they thinking?

BONUS QUESTION: What’s he saying about that cake?

What's he saying about that cake???

I was thinking something with a reference to the movie “American Pie,” but you can do much better than that!

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