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Siggy Doesn't Want Dirty Laundry Aired

Don't Look At Sig's Dirty Underpants! While Nevada’s MavIraq in Chief is over in Basra undermining morale and holding a stupefyingly bizarretownhall” with members of the state Guard, Gibbons lawyers continue the brave fight on the home front–to cover-up the cover-up of Midnight Jim’s aborted rape-fantasy with a cocktail waitress in a Vegas garage during the 2006 Gubeathon. (RJ)

In particular, the Gube’s Shylocks want the judge in charge of case–wherein said waitress, Chrissy Mazzeo, is suing the Gube and his cronies for undermining her rights to due process and equal protection under the law–to suppress Midnight Jim’s medical, personnel, and financial records. You know, so the rest of us don’t learn how much the Sheriff and the Cleanup Man charged him in consultation fees during all those calls on Jim’s Night Out.

Drat. Now the VGO crack medical team won’t be able to analyze the Gube’s semen.

Thank God.

Front and center at the motion to suppress orgy was none other than the man who gave you GIbbers, Sig Rogich. Mr Rogich’s attorneys were refreshingly honest:

Rogich, president of Rogich Communication Group, says keeping his business contacts private are
“paramount to the success of his business.”

No doubt. If Nevada citizens ever learned the true nature of Mr. Rogich’s “private” dealings, there’d be a mass vomit which would last a good three days–and God knows how many indictments.

Still, one can’t help wondering if Mr. Rogich’s new found senate majority leading friend won’t lend some unwelcome support to the Gube’s suppression frenzy. Now there’d be an unwelcome irony: Democrats helping to undermine Mazzeo’s rights for the sake of a distasteful alliance with a political operative with dirty underpants. Let’s hope that possibility remains a mere creature of blogger paranoia.

And, yes, if that pic somehow reminds you of Mitt Romney, well, it should.

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