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Nevada Republicans Need to Embrace Their Inner Gibbons

Lowered expectations: Desparately seeking governor who can wear pants.  
Ah, yes, the only readable bit of the Sunday Review Journal–the Reporter's Notebook–had this quote from the ex-mayor of Nor'Town and Gubewannabe Mike Montandon:

So, you need someone to lead the party of Larry Craig, Dick Cheney, Mark Sanford, and Rush Limbaugh in Nevada? Why, he's already there!

Vote Jim Gibbons for Governor–in the Republican Primary!!

Elsewhere:. I vaguely remember some folk talking about impeaching and recalling the Gube a while ago–tho I suppose we have to grant the point of a local pundit that nobody prominent ever called on the Gøøber to resign. Nope. Just riffraff. Nobody prominent.

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