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No doubt all readers of the Review Journal–especially the Gibber 14-percenters who make up the bulk of its readership–were titillated by news that Gibbons’ “accuser” Douglas Montgomery was picked up by the local constabulary for not paying gambling debts. (RJ) All in good fun, no doubt, except for the following bit of pro-Gøøber spin:

In 2007, the FBI opened an investigation looking into whether Gibbons improperly steered contracts
to eTreppid in exchange for gifts.

The Department of Justice investigated the allegations and cleared Gibbons of any wrongdoing.

Okay, here’s the deal. Unless the Review Journal can produce one FBI agent–yes, it was an FBI investigation–who is willing to say on the record that they “cleared” Gibbons of the allegations, the RJ should print a retraction. As far as anyone really knows, Jim Gibbons’ shyster Abbe Lowell was the fellow who told us that the FBI had ended the investigation. No one in the FBI or the Department of Justice has made a public, official statement on the matter.

So, put up or shut up, RJ.

Don’t forget that the House of Representatives itself found Gibbons’ shenanigans with the “black budget” so putrid that they took steps to make the budgeting of classified items less secretive. So, Gibbons’ cronyism was hardly “cleared” by his “peers” in the House. (Hill,CREW)

Yes, I sound like a broken record on the subject, but I’ll keep yammering as long as RJ reporters take the lazy way out (or is it editorial policy?) and keep cutting and pasting that line about Gibbons being “cleared”.

Here’s a tip to the other Gube wannabes out there. Certainly there are lots of issues grotesqueries to pummel the GIbbers with. But do take a minute to study up on the recent North Las Vegas mayoral race. There we had a candidate, William Robinson, who had been investigated by the FBI for questionable campaign contributions and who was “cleared” in the same way Gibbons was, that is, the DoJ decided not to prosecute. Still, that “clearing” helped take down the candidate. Don’t forget to add it to your “to do” list.

But, please, AFTER the Republican Gube Nomination. Vote Gibbons Out heartily endorses Jim Gibbons–for the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2010.

Elsewhere: Another Gibbons appointee to the Wildlife Board thinks conserving wildlife means Cougar Skin and Venison Night at the Incline Village Safari Club. (Sun,BlueSage) I think we can all learn an important lesson from that story along with Mr. Capurro: if you’re going to claim membership in an environmental group, you’d better show up at a meeting or two.

The Obama administration insists on throwing the state Idiot an easy pitch or two. Gibbers’ staffers–or, indeed, the prose is so bad it might have been written by the chief GIbberer hisself–sent a prime example of Gube gibberish out on the wires in response to news that Fed agencies were actually trying to save taxpayer money by insisting the employees do work at their conventions. (Gibberish,WSJ) Now, all of this is okay if it gets the Gube past the primary, but somebody please tell D.C. to stop HELPING the state Gooftard. Please.

[UPDATE: Jon Ralston is flashing that the Departments of Justice and Agriculture were interdicting travel to Las Vegas way before Obama in 2005 and 2006--under Bush. Gonna rail against the Bush admin, Guv? Read the docs (via Ralston): doj, doj]

Hmm. Dina TItus seems to be running against Gibbons again: for the title of state Gøøftard. (Sun)

Huh. The Gibbons divorce shows up in piece about an alleged rape of a casino worker. What a surprise. (PittPostGaz)

What? Only one response to my “fill the balloon” request? Are you people actually working at your job? What’s with that?

Granted, Typepad’s comment function has been sucking lately, but STILL.

Anyways, here’s what I got from one reader:

Losing His Hair?


Hey….you had your chance!

Oo! Oo! How about this:

Governor Tim Pawlenty Finds His Own Sarah Palin

Oh yeah. Declare your support for health care reform.

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