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John Ensign is Singing the C-Street Blues

Listen to the Beale Street Blues, and then you can sing along with John.

Gibbons Country: John Ensign gets kicked out of C-Street

Fun Facts!

  • Yes, it’s true. John Ensign’s father-confessor who wants to claim doctor-”patient” privilege is an OB/GYN. (Spoof,Gawker)
  • Senators Pete Domenici and James Inhofe were only a few of the members of Congress hanging out at the C-street secret Christian cult house o’ bad boys. (Harpers,Myrna)

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1 comment to John Ensign is Singing the C-Street Blues

  • Greg

    Ensign is such a hypocrite. He has been for a while if the rumors about his affair with his press secretary in 2002 are true. I hear from those insiders in DC his female press secretary was asked to the leave after Darlene found about it. Just like Mr. Hampton, Senator Ensign turned to his loyal political consultant Mike Slaker to find Traci a job.