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Gibbons on the Road to the Future

Watch the Gibbers suck up to 10-percenters at the opening of an industrial park . The guy running the show is Lance Gilman, a brothel owner who presumably talked Jim Gibbons out of shutting down legal brothels. Gilman, surprise, surprise, gives money to Gibbons.

But, hey, it's not every day you get to see Gibbers suck up to his 10-percenter buddies.

Nevada Govenor Jim Gibbons Interview on the Road to the future 7.08.09 and Economic Development in Nevada – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Huh. In that interview, you'll get to see the small-gu'ment ideology in full swing. And somehow the nations most instable gube doesn't explain how the instability caused by the state's lack of support for basic educational and economic needs is going to create all that "stability" he blathers about. Nor does he explain why high-tech companies would want to set up shop in a state with universities cut off at the knees by the Gibbons' budget.

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1 comment to Gibbons on the Road to the Future

  • Some Guy From Nye

    The problem with Gibbons is he took the road-to-nowhere fork and missed that future lane all together.