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Gibbons: International Icon of Dysfunction

Who is he sexting now? -- Jim Gibbons A national publication set Nevada just slightly behind New York and its debauched state legislature to deem the silver-plated state the second most dysfunctional in the union. (NatJour)

Still, the Empire state had an unfair advantage. It has two whole branches of gu'men't on goofballs, whereas the Gibbers, with a little help form John Ensign and the accounting-challenged Lieutenant Gube, has had to provide the lion's share of dysfunctionality on his own. Still, heckuvajob sir! The world salutes you!

One can't help thinking that the guv's greatest gaffes still lie ahead, though.Threats by the junior senator from Nevada not to pull a Palin should not dash our hopes of a Gibbons' senate stay. Keep the faith, citizens! Mr. Ensign, by all reports, still has a penis, and Mr. Gibbons an ego bigger than Nye County.

Elsewhere: Gibbons seems to be having some problems with the Internets these days. Apparently, he mistakenly joined a recall Raggio group on Facebook thinking is was a MILF-hunters club. (INP) Okay, I made a little bit of that up.

The Internets campaign seems to be off to a rocky start in any case. The campaign has suffered from a premature launch of the re-elect the Groper site. (INP,VT&S) Say, do they have Viagra for websites?

Meanwhile, local pundit discovers secret Democratic plot to defeat the governor in a folder stenciled: "Let Gibbons be Gibbons and Ensign a Wanker." (Sun)

Hey! There's a name the Luv Guv must covet: Chestie McCougarHunter.

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