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Everybody’s A Literary Critic

A Federal Court Judge will allow Chrissy Mazzeo's lawsuit against the Gube and his cronies to go forward, as long as her attorney dumps some of the more inflammatory lingo from the suit. (Sun)

Jim Gibbons' hapless mouthpiece had this to say:

“It’s going to be costly to litigate, and the governor is not a man of
great means,” she said. “On the other hand, it’s going to give an
opportunity to the governor and the other defendants in the case to rid
themselves of any residual taint from the allegations raised against

Er…What? Isn't there that legal defense slush fund for the Gube to dip into for his unending, self-inflicted court battles? Or did it all get spent on nights out with Reno MILF's?

As for that "residual taint" hovering around the Guv and his boys, I suspect a whole month of Sunday baths won't get rid of that stink.

Meanwhile, ex-mayor of Nor'Town Mike Montandon threatens to turn state into North Las Vegas if elected Gube. (RJ) Well, Nor'Town's already made Nevada numero uno in home foreclosures. However, I wouldn't let him near a housing authority for anybody's money.

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3 comments to Everybody’s A Literary Critic


    I can’t believe the shill passed up the opportunity let people know how they can contribute to Goober’s legal defence fund. Wonder how much is in the kitty as of right now….

  • Jackson

    The only problem that I have with Ensign resigning, is that Gibbons gets to pick the replacement. Gibbons stands behind Ensign when Gibbons was back in DC in 2002 and knew about Ensign’s affair with his then press secrearty Traci Scott.

  • Could Gibbons appoint himself to the US Senate?!?