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The Reno-Gazette Journal Should Hire Mazzeo’s Lawyer Gøøblets

Veto stimulator.

  • Chrissy Mazzeo's lawyers have more luck getting phone records out of the Gube than the Reno-Gazette Journal did with those e-mails. (RJ) So, what to expect? 347 text messages to Siggy on Midnight Jim's infamous Night Out? 137 calls to then-Sheriff Bill Young's cell? 1,349 billable minutes to 1-900-BEATUPAMILF?
  • Say didn't the "Gibbons Incident" used to be a "Scandal"? I wonder what tower of journalistic jello caved to Gibbons to make that name change?
  • State Archives, now open for about 10 minutes a week thanks to Gibbons, will display Guv's self-inking veto stamp. (Sun) Two years from now, when the Archives close permanently due to lack of funding, it will be thrown in the trash to be discovered 10,000 years in the future, wrapped in Dan Burns' skeletal fist, by aliens who will identify it as an anal stimulation device. Okay, I'm just sorta guessing about that last part. The aliens part, not the stuff about Dan Burns' skeletal fist.
  • Hmm. I wonder how often the Gube did that self-inking stuff alone in the office, after hours, blackberry in hand?
  • Gibbons, in a desperate attempt to garner some media attention and appear relevant to Nevada 11-percenters, fires up the state Global Warming Denial office to waste state funds on a report about gasoline prices that a 10-minute call to one of the local universities would have produced–back when Nevada had local universities, that is. (Sun)
  • Gube-rival attacks venerable North Las Vegas icon is cynical attempt to look family-friendly after supporting myriads of taverns, dollar-loan centers, and casinos.
  • Hey, give me a break! The Palomino Club is as close to a "venerable icon" as Nor'Town gets.
  • Oh, yeah. Even constitutionally-denied Schwarzenegger has a better chance of becoming Prez than the current Gube of Nevada. (NPR)

Scandal? Incident? What's the diff?

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1 comment to The Reno-Gazette Journal Should Hire Mazzeo’s Lawyer Gøøblets

  • Desert Beacon

    Heaven Help Him, there were names on that list of governors most people have never heard of, and probably won’t hear of again; and they all have a better shot at being president than Mr. Gibbons.