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Is That Your Promise Keeper, Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Welcome to the graveyard.

  • "You know you’re at a low point when the only person willing to stand
    beside you in your time of marital and political strife is Jim Gibbons,
    the beleaguered Nevada governor who was once accused of assaulting a
    cocktail waitress, is in the middle of an ugly divorce and has approval
    ratings below the freezing temperature of water." (Sun) Um, I'd 've said helium.
  • "Meanwhile, Nevada's Republican "Luv
    Guv," Jim Gibbons, couldn't be on a more prolonged hard-luck streak.
    He's in the divorce from hell with the first lady, who for a time holed
    herself up in the Governor's Mansion; his staff regularly jumps ship;
    and rumor has it that the governor's dog has obtained a restraining
    order." (Mr. Sherm of the RJ) Oh! THAT'S what's been dogging the Gube! Hard luck! Not incompetence, narcissism, laziness, concupiscence, and a rape fetish! Good thing Mr. Fredricks cleared that up. You know, I could have sworn the Guv initiated that divorce, that HE was the one holed up in the Gube manse while avoiding all contact with the Legislature, that HE was disinterested in doing his job, and that HE was losing staff because he hired incompetent corrupt cronies in the first place. Nothing worse than hard luck of your own making.
  • What better way to start a pointless campaign than with a pointless campaign stunt? In Gunseltown, too, the most pointless of places.(RJ)
  • Huh. Who knew. That SAGE commission still meets, and even the Gube thinks they're stupid. (RJ)
  • Heh. Governor-in-the-headlights look. (CityBlog)

Headlights. So bright and shiny!

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2 comments to Is That Your Promise Keeper, Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

  • R.M.

    Those photos! I just threw up in my mouth more than a little bit!

  • Desert Beacon

    Hard Luck?
    Whatever happened to God Helps Those Who Help Themselves, while Gibbons did precious little to help himself out of the various trenches he dug for himself?