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Ensign Affair Suffers From Gibbons-Fatigue

How can you be sick and tired of little old me? So concludes NPR:

If some Nevadans are taking Ensign's affair as just another routine
disappointment, it may be because they've already had practice dealing
with the scandals of their Republican governor, Jim Gibbons.

see: He's survived a couple of corruption investigations. He's involved
in a messy divorce from his wife, Dawn; her divorce papers allege
multiple infidelities. He's being sued by a cocktail waitress for
allegedly sexually assaulting her in a parking lot.

You get the idea.

Unfortunately, we do. Except they left out the bit about sleeping through the last legislative session and hiring staff off the Legal Defense Slush Fund contributers' list. But, other than that, we get it, we get it.

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