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Veto Vision

The Prophet Jim Gibbons Presents the Veto Plates. Apocalypse Ensues.
No, them ain’t no golden tablets in the Prophet of Doom’s sweaty, waitress-smacking paws, but vetoed bills, millions and millions of vetoed bills. (Fox5,RJ,Sun) In the background is a peek into the Gøøber’s myopic “vision” of post-Gibbers Nevada.

Flappin’ in the coal-smoke tainted winds of despair and failure blowing across what’s left of Carson, is an inane banner nailed to the ruins of the capital, its message unintelligible to the uneducated “Veto Youth” gangs, products of Gibbon’s educational reforms, roaming the streets seeking some lewdie horrorshow with the droogs.

Elsewhere: Gibbers is No. 2.

[UPDATE: Let the overriding commence! (RJ)]

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