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Midnight Jim Ups the Ick-Factor

Midnight Jim Steps Out!The fun never stops at that Gube divorce trial. The Knappster has filed more tidbits from the scurrilous spectacle:

The identity of the newest witness [at the Gibbers' divorce trial] has been kept quiet for many months because she says she was threatened years ago to keep her mouth shut.Keep her mouth shut about what, you ask? It involves a lot more than midnight booty calls at the home she shared with [rodeo groped] Leslie [Durant]. The witness told the governor’s lawyer that she took a lot of road trips with Leslie on behalf of Jim Gibbons, trips to Napa and San Diego and Mexico. During these trips they sometimes hooked up with Gibbons, and
other times with some of his business associates.

Threats? Would Gibby and his homes do that? But wait, there’s more:

The deposition went on for eight hours, I’m told. When the witness told Gibbon’s lawyer that she had already briefed this columnist about the events of long ago, “he changed colors,” she says, seemed to have a death grip on his legal pad, tried his best to rattle her, and eventually popped what she thought was a nitroglycerin tablet. (LVCityLife)

Huh. Them vetoes are more just than awkward stagecraft designed to cater to the rabid loonies in the 11-percenter Gube support group. They’re keeping us distracted from the Gøøber divorce meltdown.

Screw the nitro. Somebody hand that Gøøber mouthpiece a stiff shot of scotch. Us, too.

Elsewhere: Heh. Double-Heh.

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