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Governor Reaches Historic Milestone

The Conquest of Mount Stupid
Governor Jim Gibbons is officially the most overridden, and thus the most pointless, governor in Nevada history. (RJ,Sun,Sun) But, you knew that.

One thing you have to hand the Gibbers: he really has delivered on that “One Nevada” theme. One Nevada against him.

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2 comments to Governor Reaches Historic Milestone

  • Desert Beacon

    Once again, an Outstanding Graphic, and a perfect summary for the situation. Whatever might have been going on during the recesses this evening, it looked and sounded from the legislative webcast tonight that the veto over-rides were all but perfunctory. There was almost a “here we go again” feel to it. This may beg the question: If Gibbons knew (and he had to know) that some of the bills had strong bipartisan support – Why the silly vetoes?

  • dave404

    …cause he is going to campaign on each and every one of them as he combats Heller (yes, Heller), and Heck in the primary.
    Montandon? Well there is the taking of money doing Mayor work for NLV from the LVCVA and NLVHA (you know, the Housing Authority! Investigated and corrupt NLV Housing Authority). Then there is Core Construction and Nevada Construction Services that Montandon gets money from. GWC Capstone; Mikan Inc; San Texas….then there is the question of the NLV PAC..anyway, Montandon is dead out the gate..its a Heller v. Heck race!