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Textually Active Gøøblets

Malaprop Mike For Gube!

  • Well, add the above to the growing list of bad ideas for campaign slogans in the 2010 Gube race. (AP)
  • “Textually active” is officially in the unofficial urban dictionary, where, among other definitions, one finds “Someone who texts more than they breed breath.” (UD) Oddly, one doesn’t find the present guv’s pic next to entry, despite his still being textually active.
  • Flip flop of the week: First the Gibbers wasn’t going to apply for stimulus funds, but then the legislature kicked his butt on the issue. (AP) After finally coming up with the idea to call Washington to find out if he could apply for stimulus funds despite the unlikelihood of meeting requirements, the Gube had someone call up Washington and finds out, yes, goofball, you can apply. So he does. Or Clinger does. Or somebody does. It’s just really hard to fit all that stuff into an eight hour work week. Now, is that a flip-flop or a retreat?
  • Everybody’s looking to spice up that new banner over the Gube’s office. (RJ,ProgNow) Well, you saw mine already. My current question is, given that Gube staff are falling over themselves to tell us that the slogan on the banner is NOT an original product of the Gøøber’s addled brain, but rather some tired canard from the political-crony, rubber-chicken circuit, why then does the banner explicitly attribute the quote to the Governor? Doesn’t the sign perhaps violate statutes governing the standards of signage on public buildings? Surely one cannot post a plaque with the Gettysburg address on the Carson Legislature building and then attribute it to, say, Ty Cobb, Jr. Sounds like the sort of thing one would ask a legislative aid to look into….
  • Jon Ralston builds a nightmare scenario–or Gibbers’ wet dream–around that infamous slogan on that banner. (Sun) Okay, okay. Maybe “Gibbers’ wet dream” is off the mark. That would have something more to do with some MILF’s, a blackberry, and Nancy Reagan in a corset brandishing a whip. Nonetheless, Ralston’s column tries to explain the stratigery behind the Gube’s insistence on doing nothing during the budget process. Basically the idea is that the Governor simply sit back and do nothing while the Legislature rushes towards its usual train wreck. Nothing, that is, but mumble “no new taxes” and repeat his plagiarized slogan now and again. Unfortunately the folks he’s catering too don’t care that the Governor’s inaction will doom the state to at least two more years of economic collapse and to further erosion of an already non-existent infrastructure. They won’t care about crumbling schools, no jobs, crappy roads, etc. They only care that their taxes don’t go up, including, bizarrely, the taxes they WOULD have to pay if by some completely unlikely event they fell through a wormhole into an alternate universe in which they were multimillionaires. The cyclopean paranoia of the 20-percenters coupled with the grotesquely unfair advantage that incumbents have in Nevada could propel the Guber into a second term. However, the scenario overlooks several factors. First, Gibbons will gaffe again. Perhaps a judge will require past paramours to testify under oath about their relations with Midnight Jim. Perhaps embarrassing gubernatorial tweats will appear on the Internets. Perhaps Gibbons will file for domestic-partner benefits for his Venezuelan massage-boy, Paco. (Hey, give me a break. You know it’s impossible to predict a Gibbers’ gaffe.) Second, the Reid Family Trust, which has proven its skill at prying out entrenched incumbents like Bob Beers and Joe Heck, is sharpening its tools in preparation for taking out Gibbers. In fact, the Gube stratigery might prove most deadly to Barbara Buckley’s gube ambitions, but it leaves Minime Rory Reid untouched. He only has the blessing, and curse, of all that name recognition he’s got. Nonetheless, no one should take the Gøøber’s demise as a given. Be prepared for lots of hard work ahead.
  • Huh. I guess Molly Ball is simply cutting and pasting Dan Burn’s memos now. (RJ) I certainly find that cutting and pasting speeds up my work, too.
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